South Australia – Kangaroo Island, seal

11/11/2004 – Adelaide

Sightseeing in town

I always get bored in cities very quickly so I tried to find someone to give me a lift to Kangaroo Island - and it worked!

12/11/2004 – Kangaroo Island

Visiting Kangaroo Isalnd with Alex and Lea

With Alex and Lea, a couple I got to know in Port Headland (WA), I went to Kangaroo Island for two days. Unfortunately, we could hardly see anything on our first day because everything interesting is at the far end of the island and without a tent it's impossible to sleep there. What we could see in the evening were the penguins getting out of the sea to sleep in their caves on the beach.

13/11/2004 – Kangaroo Island

Climbing over a gate, not a good idea

Very early we made our way to the other end of the island to visit the Remarkable Rocks, the New Zealand fur seals and the sea lions living at Seal Bay. Those special sea lions are close to become extinct and it was great to watch them playing with their babys or lazing on the beach. At the visitor centre they offered us two different tickets to choose from: one for a self guided walk on a broadwalk or a guided tour on the beach. We decided to purchase the ticket for the self guided walk and we absolutely loved it because the sea lions and the babys were so close to the broadwalk.

In the distance we could see some tourists on the beach, following the guide of the beach tour. Alex and I wanted to take a photo of the sea lions on the beach as well but from where we stood the angle to the beach wasn't very good. The broadwalk continued to the beach, however the next platform was divided through a little gate and a few steps from the one we were standing on. Without hesitating, we climbed over the gate, followed the broadwalk to the next platform, took our photo quickly and walked straight back to where we came from.

Unfortunately, one of the supervisors saw us and we really got in trouble for climbing over the gate. They made such a fuss as if we had tried to steal one of the sea lion babys. Our digital cameras were taken and we had to wait for the ranger who lectured us on our misbehaving. He wrote down our home adresses and told us that we had to expect a fine up to AD$500,- and probably even get kicked out of the country as well! And then? Well, as an alternative they offered us to pay the AD$3.50 extra for the guided tour on the beach and drop the whole think. Wow, in the end we paid some AD$3.50 and left as fast as possible because we could hardly keep it together. We were laughing our heads off all the way back...

November 2004

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