New South Wales – Sydney, Skyline and Opera House

30/12/2003 – Sydney

The year 2003 comes to an end – a city gets busy

Sydney was really busy when we arrived there. It was quite lucky that we got three beds on the second attempt, even though we had to wait for a while before they let us move into our room. The problem was that nobody could garantee a bed for the following nights as well, so we had to move out every morning and try to find a place to stay for another night. Why didn't we book in advance? I don't know!

31/12/2003 – Sydney

What else to do on New Years Eve but selling ice cream?

As soon as we found a place to stay we started looking for a job in Sydney. There was a notice on the board at Travellers Contact Point, saying that someone needed helpers to sell ice cream on New Years Eve till about 1 am. Simon and Phil weren't very keen at the beginning but I really wanted to apply for the job because the employer garanteed a perfect view on the fireworks. After begging the guys to just come with me and ask for the salary they agreed and we ended up having a job for one night. Ten bugs an hour weren't great but at least the view from where we stood was fantastic and there was no crowd on our side of the fence while the public had to fight for every inch on the other side. The fireworks were amazing and after tiding up after work we got an invitation to a New Years Eve party at the restaurant of our employer and there they served us drinks for free the whole night. Working half of the night was definitely worth it!

January 2004

Map: Where is NSW?

 - Sydney Centre
 - Bondi Beach, Sydney
 - Blue Mountains