Victoria – Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles

05/12/2003 – Mildura

Got my first job in Australia!

After spending three days in Sydney I took the bus to Mildura. There I started my first job on a vineyard.
During the next three weeks I had to get up at 5 am. Every day we saw the sun rise slowly on our way to work and even though I was really tired most of the time I have to admit that seeing the sunrise was worth it! My job on the vineyard was to bring the vines into a good position so they can grow straight, to cut of shoots and to adjust some strings onto the wires. I was quite scared at the beginning to ruin the plants by cutting of the wrong shoots but after a week or so I didn't even have to think about what to cut off anymore.

25/12/2003 – Murray Sunset National Park

Celebrating Christmas with the big red kangaroo

X-mas time. As a big bunch of Europeans, none of us really felt like celebrating X-mas in summer. We all missed the cold that we usually get around X-mas time in the southern hemisphere. With temperatures around 40 degrees celcius we decided to visit Murray Sunset National Park instead. Thomas, JP, Armin, Simon, Björn and I rented a car and as soon as we arrived at our destinastion we started looking for the big red kangaroos. For the night we found a nice little camping area and cooked pasta on the BBQ. Yeah, we were celebrating X-mas in a differtent way! After an awesome sunset we played a few card games, only candles lighting up the dark and later on we fell asleep under the stars.

26/12/2003 – Murray Sunset National Park

Need a car? Have a look in the National Park!

We started the day by walking to the Pink Lakes. Not only did we see an old salt mine and a great car that somebody left in the middle of nowhere (nobody knows why), we also saw "real" kangaroos. In the evening we drove back to Mildura and told the others proudly of our adventures at Murray Sunset National Park.

December 2003

Map: Where is Victoria?

 - Mildura
 - Murray Sunset NP
 - Great Ocean Road