Northern Territory – Uluru, Sunrise at Ayers Rock

09/08/2004 – Darwin

This is the real Australia

This is the biggest city in the Northern Territory? I start to realize that I'm far away from the heavy populated, very commercial East Coast now, in a part of the country that is the "real" Australia. It's the end of the dry season, all the tourists fleed to more comfortable climate zones, as it is hot and humit here and it gets worse every week from now on.

11/08/2004 – Litchfield National Park

Are you scared of rubber snakes?

The termite mounds are very impressive in shape and hight. You can hardly imagine that little animals like termites can build such big and stable nests all by themselves. From the termite mounds we went to Tolmer Falls which were empty because of the time of the year. Next to Whangi Falls, where we were allowed to take a refreshing bath. After lunch, Joey our tour guide, played a trick on us with his rubber snake and we all fell for it! Next stop: Florence Falls and again swimming in the billabong. Then we went to Burley Rock Holes, many small billabongs where you can go for a swim without having to worry about crocodiles. Joey made up my face the way aboriginees do, with paint that he got from coloured rocks which he rubbed against other rocks to get some powder. He mixed the powder with water and the paint was ready. At the end of the day I tried green ants (they taste like lemon), a real treat that lives in the bush!

12/08/2004 – Darwin

Yummy snacks from the Road Kill Cafe

One of the weekly highlights in Darwin is Mindil Beach Sunset Market (every Thursday and Sunday). A must-see for every visitor.

13/08/2004 – Kakadu National Park

I am allowed to drive the tiny boat

After two hours on the road we arrived at Mary River, were we swaped the 4WD for a small dinghy and went looking for crocodiles. It didn't take us very long to find what we were looking for. There were heaps of crocs lazing in the sun on the shore or even swimming in the water next to the boat. After lunch we drove to Nourlangie Rock/Ubirr, where you can find old drawings of Aboriginees on the rocks telling stories about their culture and history. In the afternoon we put up the tents at Shady Camp. Spotlighting crocs at night with our little torches was very adventurous, because all you can see are tiny red dots floating on the surface of the lake (light of the torch refects in the crocs eyes).

August 2004

Map: Where is NT?

 - Litchfield NP
 - Kakadu National Park
 - Katherine
 - Alice Springs
 - Mainoru Station