New South Wales – Sydney, Skyline and Opera House

04/01/2004 – Sydney

Moving the backpacks to Bondi Beach

Big problem today! All the backpackers in town were booked out and nobody could offer us a bed for the night. Desperately we called a place at Bondi Beach and after begging a while they offered us a room, even though they had no time to clean it for us. Well, it was definitely better than sleeping on the beach, so we agreed to take the room anyway. While I was walking up and down the Espanade in the evening, I saw a notice at New Zealand Natural. They were looking for people to sell ice cream in the shop. I applied for the job and started working the following day.

05/01/2004 - 16/02/2004 – Sydney

How to make lots of money in a short time

To cut a long story short, this is what I did in Sydney during my stay: in total I worked six weeks at Bondi Beach, sometimes non-stop, because after one and a half weeks I started a second job at Bondi Beach Cafe. At the beginning I moved into a flat very close to the beach with three of my work colleges (Sarah, Mark und Sue - all from Malta) and the last ten days I shared a flat with three POMs (James, Nicky und David). For the weekend Simon, Phil and I went on a day trip to the Blue Mountains before the two of them left Sydney to start a job on a farm in Wagga-Wagga.

During my time in Sydney I ...

  1. tried to surf
  2. did heaps of sightseeing
  3. got to know a lot of people
  4. finally earned some money
  5. had a lot of fun!
January 2004

Map: Where is NSW?

 - Sydney Centre
 - Bondi Beach, Sydney
 - Blue Mountains