Northern Territory – Uluru, Sunrise at Ayers Rock

14/08/2004 – Kakadu National Park

Swimming in a billabong on top of Jim Jim Falls

Walk to the top of Jim Jim Falls (height: 150 m). Chris led the way up a steep track, then through the bush to an empty river bed which usually is the source of water of Jim Jim Falls (only during the wet season). On the way we came along some very narrow caves which we were allowed to explore on our own. Sometimes you had to lay down on your tummy to be able to fit into the next camber of the cave - a nightmare for people with claustrophobia! The view from the top of Jim Jim Falls was amazing and we even had our own billabong to swim in while we could see all the other tourists sharing the billabong at the bottom of Jim Jim Falls. The hard climb at the beginning was definitely worth it!

15/08/2004 – Kakadu National Park

Is the story about the Freshy living here true?

On the last day we drove to Barramundi Gorge/Maguk where we spend half of the day splashing in the cool water of the gorge. All three days at Kakadu National Park were very interesting and it's quite sad that I can't be here in a few months because I'm curious what the landscape will look like during the wet season.

16/08/2004 – Katherine

Close to the middle of nowhere

My plan was to look for a job in Katherine to earn some money but things changed when I met Oto, an Ozzi from Sydney on holiday. He offered me a lift from Katherine to Alice Springs and I took the offer gratefully. But before we were headed to Alice we spend two more nights in Katherine because there are a few things to see around Katherine as well.

17/08/2004 – Katherine Gorge

Long hike, but unfortunately not much to see

Katherine Gorge is a great spot for kajaking but only if there is enough water in the river. At the end of the dry season you have to get out of the kajak a lot and carry it over some rocks which is why I decided to stroll along the river instead of kajaking. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of the gorge while walking but I've seen a lot of the surrounding area!

18/08/2004 – Edith Falls

If there is a pool of water without crocs in it, go for a swim

Sightseeing once again, this time about one hour north of Katherine. And again, walking in the heat, however this time with Oto, a lot of swimming and fantastic impressions... A great landscape!

August 2004

Map: Where is NT?

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