Queensland – Surfers Paradise, Beach

03/06/2004 – Brisbane

Finally back in Australia

After spending three month at home with my family, I flew back to Brisbane to continue my travlles. As I haven't had much time in Brisbane three months ago, first thing I did after leaving the airport was sightseeing in the city. Especially the man-made lagune in South Banks drew my attention and I ended up spending quite a lot of time there.

07/06/2004 – Surfers Paradise

Relaxing on the beach

Is there any place on earth where you can enjoy the sun and the sea more than in Surfers Paradise? Relaxing at the beach, watching the guys surfing and getting a good tan. That's life!

15/06/2004 – Springbrook National Park

Don't trust in a bus drivers knowlegde of snakes!

The beautiful hinterlands of the Gold Coast are well worth seeing, so I booked a day tour to Springbrook National Park. My personal highlight was feeding lorikees with strawberry jam.

20/06/2004 – Cairns

Looking for a job in Cairns

Well, I'm running out of money soon but it looks like I'm not the only one trying to find a job in Cairns at the moment. Hopefully something will turn up in a few days.

01/07/2004 – Innisfail

Working for the Australian Banana Company

Unfortunately I couldn't get a job in Cairns, so I took the bus to Innisfail which is about an hour south of Cairns. In Innisfail, I got a job at the Australian Banana Company sorting bananas. Great! At least I'm not alone, everybody in the backpackers works with bananas and we all suffer together (makes it a lot easier).

30/07/2004 – Innisfail

Earned enough money, now it is time to play again

My last day at work! No more working as long as the money will last! I'm going to travel back to Cairns as soon as possible and book a snorkel trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

June 2004

Map: Where is Queensland?

 - Byron Bay
 - Surfers Paradise
 - Noosa
 - Fraser Island
 - Whitsunday Islands
 - Australia Zoo
 - Brisbane
 - Cairns / Innisfail