Queensland – Surfers Paradise, Beach

28/02/2004 – Whitsunday Island Sailing

A heavenly beach for scuba diving

The following day, captain John picked us up in a little rubber dinghy and as soon as we were all reunited on board he headed for Whithaven Beach, passing Hamilton Island on the way. Everyone without a diving licence got the opportunity to try scuba diving and/or go snorkeling.

Usually Whithaven Beach is the last destination of the sailing trip, but we were really lucky with our captain. Because of the fact that there were only two beds less than passengers on board, he asked us if we would like to sail all around the Whitsundays instead of sailing back to Long Island. Everybody loved the idea on an extented trip and agreed to move up a bit to make it possible.

At the end of the day we lowered the ancer in a beautiful bay far away from Long Island,watched an awesome sunset and slept on deck under the stars.

02/03/2004 – Cairns

Rafting on Tully River

Yeah, you shouldn't travel to Cairns during the rain season because otherwise you will get wet. Anyway, regardless whether it's raining or not, one thing you should definitely do is to go rafting on Tully River (which is even better after heavy rain).

03/03/2004 – Flight Cairns - Brisbane

I don't want to go home

In exactly two days I'll be on a plane back to Germany to visit my parent for about three months. But this is not the end of my working holiday in Australia, I'll be back in June.

04/03/2004 – Australia Zoo

Visiting the zoo of the Crocodile Hunter

The last thing I wanted to do before leaving Australia was to visit Australia Zoo close to Brisbane where Steve Irwin looks after some of the animals he caught in the wild and which is also showground of the series "Diary of the Crocodile Hunter".

February 2004

Map: Where is Queensland?

 - Byron Bay
 - Surfers Paradise
 - Noosa
 - Fraser Island
 - Whitsunday Islands
 - Australia Zoo
 - Brisbane
 - Cairns / Innisfail