Victoria – Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles

14/11/2004 – Melbourne

Back in Victoria after a long journey

You are probably a bit confused now because it's already November 2004 but it's no mistake. I finished work in Mildura on December, 28 and drove to Sydney (NSW) with Phil and Simon. From there I started travelling to Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia. And now I'm back in Victoria. Believe me, it takes a lot of time to do the big loop around Australia!

Almost a year after leaving Mildura (VIC), I arrived in Melbourne. I wanted to explore the city and the Great Ocean Road.

15/11/2004 – Great Ocean Road

Koalas really exist!

A day-trip to the Twelve Apostles. During lunch time I discovered some koalas (Australians also call them drop bears) high up in the trees. They are soo cute!

17/11/2004 – Melbourne

Melbourne – Just another big city in Australia

I don't know what to tell you about Melbourne. It's just another big city in Australia. The only thing I really liked about Melbourne was Queen Victoria Market. On November, 19 I took a flight from Melbourne to Tasmania.

November 2004

Map: Where is Victoria?

 - Mildura
 - Murray Sunset NP
 - Great Ocean Road