Western Australia – Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles

21/10/2004 – Exmouth

Snorkeling and whale watching on the Ningaloo reef

Snorkeling in Turquoise Bay on the Ningaloo reef and whale watching in the afternoon. Turquoise Bay is a fantastic bay with blue water and white sand on the beach. The Ningaloo reef is only 10 meters off the beach and the variety of fish is amazing. I saw hugh turtles, reef sharks, rays and heaps of different coloured fish! Being able to take a photo of a baby whale jumping out of the water was definitely my personal highlight of the day!

24/10/2004 – Monkey Mia

Dolphins and pelicans at the beach

The dolphins are the only thing Monkey Mia is known for, however they attract an unbelievable amount of people. Up to three times a day the local dolphins swim to the beach where they get some fresh fish of the rangers. You can stand in the shallow water and watch them or if you are lucky the ranger chooses you to feed a fish to one of the dolphins.

25/10/2004 – Kalbarri

Just relaxing

Only a brief stop on the long way from Monkey Mia to Perth. It's quite nice that the temperatures in the south are not as high as in the north and you don't start sweating as soon as you move a tiny bit.

28/10/2004 – Perth

First rain after 7 months of sunshine

A few days in Perth, where I spent some time to visit Freemantle as well as downtown Perth and the Botanic Garden. Since I left Cairns (at the end of July) I haven't seen any rain, so I was even more shocked when I woke one morning and the sky had been covered with dark clouds. It's also quite chilly here in the evening and I have to get some of my warm cloths out of my backpack. During the day it's warm enough, in spite of some clouds.

02/11/2004 – Pinnacle Dessert

Sand boarding is great fun

Day trip to the Pinnacles and afterwards sand boarding. Pinnacles are left-overs of layers of rock, formed over millions of years by erosion. Only the hardest rock is still standing and like columns the Pinnacles rise to the sky. In comparison with the white sand at the beaches or the red sand of the desserts, the sand of the Pinnacle Dessert is bright yellow!

October 2004

Map: Where is WA?

 - Kununurra
 - Broome
 - Port Headland
 - Karijini National Park
 - Exmouth/Monkey Mia
 - Perth
 - Albany/Walepole
 - Pemperton/Augusta