Western Australia – Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles

02/11/2004 – Pinnacle Dessert

Sandboarding is great fun

After the Pinnacles we drove to the beach, to the white dunes where we got some boards that reminded me of my snowboard at home. First we had to suffer because we had to climb up the dune but then it was a lot of fun riding down on the sand boards. You can sit or stand on the board, every technic is fine when you do sandboarding.

03/11/2004 – Bunbury

Life is sweet at Taffys

A visit at Taffys.

05/11/2004 – Albany

Got a lift to the natural bridge

Yesterday, I spent the whole day on a bus from Bunbury to Albany. Today, I started the day with a stroll from Albany to Middleton Beach and Emu Point. In the afternoon I continued in the opposite direction to see a natural bridge and a natural gap.

06/11/2004 – Walpole

Walking the Tree Top Walk

In and around Walpole there are lots of very high kauri trees and because the Australians like adventures, they built a walkway into the tree tops of those high trees. You can experience what the forest looks like from 40 meters above.

07/11/2004 – Pemperton

That is what I call a good view

And again lots of high trees, however this time you can climb the highest tree (Gloustertree) yourself. They drilled some iron bars in the trunk of the tree and like climbing up a staircase you can make your way up to the top and stand on a platform, 61 meters off the ground! There is no security net or anything to hold you in case you slip, so your legs might get a bit shaky on the way up and down but the view from the top is awesome. The perfect place for a tree house! If it just wasn't such a long way down...

08/11/2004 – Augusta

Where two oceans meet

To cut a long story short: a mainroad and a lighthouse. Augusta is the place where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean but you can't really tell the difference between one or the other.

09/11/2004 – Margaret River

Only time for a short stroll

No time to go on a wine tour around Margaret River. Unfortunately the wheater is bad as well, otherwise I would have booked a kajak tour.

November 2004

Map: Where is WA?

 - Kununurra
 - Broome
 - Port Headland
 - Karijini National Park
 - Exmouth/Monkey Mia
 - Perth
 - Albany/Walepole
 - Pemperton/Augusta